3D Professional Home Inspections
TDA #0770220

Also Pest and Termite  Inspections

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Charlie Anderson, General Home Inspector

Having a home inspected is crucial to any buying or selling process. This kind of examination helps the customer understand the condition of the property and determine its real value. Save time and money by leaving the work to 3D Professional Home Inspections. I perform a visual checkup of all the parts of your home, from the roof down to the floors. My clientele includes:

  • Home Buyers
  • Home Owners
  • General Home Inspections

  •  Remodeling
  • Real Estate 
  • Pre Purchase

About Me

With more than a year of being in business, my name and company have become trusted by the communities in San Antonio and its neighboring areas in Texas. My experience in the field spans more than 20 years, allowing me to gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide outstanding services. Still, I continue to develop my methods in order to cater to your needs through more efficient ways.

Mission Statement 
Making Texas Better One Home At A Time

I make it my mission to provide all my clients with the property information they need to make an informed decision before remodeling, selling, or buying a home.